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Total Education
Total Knowledge Necessary for Total Education   ‘It is a very delightful system of educating the children. In the light of this Total Education, all education so far has been completely useless and a fraud. It was misguiding the people. I am very frank about it. Education so far has been the opposite of what it should be.   ‘Now, here is Total Education, capable of being handled in one syllable, in one word, and within that word, details, details, detail, detail, detail, detail until no detail is any more possible in the abstract unmanifest field—“Nirguna Nirakara Saguna Sakara”. “Nirguna Nirakara" means completely beyond everything, and completely beyond everything is that concrete experience of reality, Totality. This is the field of Total Knowledge.   -- Maharishi, See
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Consciousness-Based(SM) Education
Maharishi Consciousness-Based Education
Total Knowledge
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