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Vedic Psychology
Twentieth-century psychology has studied specific active processes of knowing—such as perceptions, thoughts, or feelings—but lacked an understanding of deeper levels of the mind underlying and integrating all active mental processes. Therefore, it has spawned isolated areas of investigation rather than successful grand theories.   Maharishi Vedic Psychology provides complete knowledge and experience of transcendental consciousness, the cosmic psyche, at the basis of the individual psyche. The cosmic psyche is identified as an unrestricted field of intelligence and creativity at the foundation of not only human nature but Nature’s functioning as a whole.   The applied aspect of Maharishi Vedic Psychology—which includes the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs—provides the means by which the cosmic psyche can be fully enlivened in daily life through the progressive unfoldment of four higher states of consciousness beyond waking, sleeping, and dreaming.   By providing complete knowledge and direct experience of consciousness, Maharishi Vedic Psychology resolves the fundamental questions plaguing twentieth-century psychology:   (1) Who is the knower, or self? Maharishi Vedic Psychology reveals that the ultimate status of the knower is the cosmic psyche.   (2) What is the full range of mental processes through which one can know the self and the world? It describes a hierarchy of levels of mind from the most fundamental self-referral level of the cosmic psyche through progressively more expressed levels of functioning comprising: The individual ego, feeling, discriminating intellect, thinking mind, perception, physiological functioning, behavior, and ultimately the whole environment.   (3) Can ideal behavior and relation-ships be developed with others? By fully attuning individual awareness with the cosmic psyche—the source of order and progress in Nature—thought and action becomes spontaneously progressive and nourishing to all levels of life.   (4) Can we create a truly peaceful and harmonious world?   By enlivening the underlying unified field of consciousness, the cosmic psyche, in only a small proportion of the population, an orderly and harmonious influence is created throughout society as a whole, establishing the basis for a heavenly life on earth.   Over 500 scientific studies have verified the unique effectiveness of the applied programs of Maharishi Vedic Psychology in addressing these questions and solving the fundamental problems facing the individual and society.   --From: Maharishi Vedic Psychology Brings Fulfillment to the Aspirations of Twentieth-Century Psychology Charles Alexander, Frederick Travis, B. Mawiyah Clayborne, and Dori Rector, Maharishi University of Management Fairfield, Iowa, U.S.A.
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