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Vedic Agriculture
Vedic Agriculture is Agriculture in harmony with Natural Law. It is a system of agriculture that nourishes and supports the farmer, his crops, and the greater environment.   Vedic agriculture recognises the fundamental link between man and nature, between the individual and the cosmos, and seeks to enhance that relationship. The technologies of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture balance individual and collective life in such a manner that nature in turn becomes balanced and supportive.   Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture goes beyond the most rigorous existing standards for pure, organic food. By using the ancient Vedic Agricultural technologies recently revived by Maharishi, farmers rise to higher consciousness and live life in harmony with all the Laws of Nature.   “Vedic Agriculture is Agree-ing with the Culturing Intelligence of Total Natural Law.” —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi   The sounds of the Veda and Vedic Literature are used to enliven the inner intelligence of the plants to produce food bursting with the vitality of Nature's intelligence, and at the same time create a healthy environment for the farmer to cultivate an abundance of pure, nourishing food.   —
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Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture
Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Certification Programs Standards
Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute
World Federation of Traditional Kings -- Agriculture
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Brahma Vidya
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