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Unity Consciousness
"The seventh state of consciousness [Unity Consciousness] we may very well call the unified state of consciousness—where the ultimate value of the object, the infinite, unmanifest, ultimate value of the object breathes life, or becomes lively. "When the conscious mind, being lively and vibrant in the unbounded value of awareness, falls onto it, the object is cognized in terms of the pure subjective value of unbounded, unmanifest awareness. This cognition, rising to the infinite value, gives a status of the seventh state of consciousness .... "The knowledge has bridged the gulf between the knower and the object of knowing. The object is being verified in its total reality when the infinite value of the object, which hitherto was underlying, has come up to be appreciated on the surface. Then the perception is of supreme value."   — Maharishi (See )
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7 States of Consciousness
Higher States of Consciousness
States of Consciousness
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Brahmi Chetana
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