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7 States of Consciousness
Maharishi has formulated a complete science of consciousness — his Vedic Science — from the knowledge contained in the ancient Vedic Literature. This science describes the seven states of human consciousness—each with its own unique corresponding state of physiology and mental experience—and gives the theoretical and practical knowledge for unfolding the full value of human consciousness.   The first three states of consciousness are commonly experienced and understood:   1. Deep Sleep: body at deep rest; no mental awareness   2. Dreaming: body at rest; illusory mental awareness   3. Waking State: body in activity; active mental awareness   Down through time, great individuals have glimpsed higher levels of reality beyond these three states of consciousness. The Vedic Tradition describes how through proper education it is possible to systematically unfold four higher states of consciousness. They are:   4. Transcendental Consciousness: self-referral consciousness characterized by unbounded awareness, heightened wakefulness and deep physical rest. The Transcendental Meditation program offers a natural, effortless and universal way for an individual of any background to systematically develop Transcendental Consciousness. Maharishi has brought out this path to enlightenment is ideal suited for people of activity and does not require effort and strain, renunciation, change in belief, etc.   5. Cosmic Consciousness: integration of Transcendental Consciousness with waking, dreaming, and sleeping states of consciousness. In this state the physiology is so stable and flexible that stress cannot accumulate. One experiences an underlying continuum of unbounded awareness.   In this state the total potential of Natural Law is fully awake in one's awareness and one’s thoughts speech and actions are supported by the evolutionary intelligence of Nature. On this basis, one does not make mistakes but brings maximum nourishment to oneself, society and environment. Cosmic Consciousness, Maharishi has emphasized, is the normal state of human life that can be developed through proper education.   6. God Consciousness or Refined Cosmic Consciousness: When Cosmic Consciousness has been established, in this stress-free state of physiological functioning perception refines to support the richest experience of the finest level of Nature. God Consciousness is not “God’s Consciousness” but the direct experience of the full range of God’s creation. On this basis one naturally rises to the realization of God and all things in the light of God in the context of one’s own spiritual traditions.   7. Unity Consciousness: in this supreme state of human experience, one perceives everything in terms of oneness the Self. In Cosmic Consciousness one lives in harmony with Natural Law, gaining support of Nature’s cosmic creativity. In Unity Consciousness, one experiences everything as a mode of functioning of one’s own intelligence and gains command over all the Laws of Nature. The fully developed state of Unity Consciousness is Brahman Consciousness—Totality of life. Aham Brahmasmi. The Vedic Literature says, “I am totality.”   Maharishi Vedic Science includes descriptions of the quality of physiology, perception, and behavior of individuals living higher states of consciousness.   -- See
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Brahmi Chetana
Cosmic Consciousness
Dream State of Consciousness
God Consciousness
Sleep State of Consciousness
Transcendental Consciousness
Unity Consciousness
Waking State of Consciousness
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Higher States of Consciousness
States of Consciousness
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