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Brahmasthan of India
The Brahmasthan, the central point of India, has been described by Maharishi as the holiest of the holy places of India.   Today, under Maharishi’s continuing guidance, a permanent group of Vedic Scientists (Maharishi Vedic Pandits) is being established in the Brahma-Sthan (centre) of India, to create invincibility for all 192 countries of the world. Maharishi has envisioned the immediate establishment of a group of 16,000 Vedic Pandits at the Brahma-Sthan (centre) of India, to rise ever higher in number.   ‘The goal is to establish a Vedic Capital of Global Administration through Natural Law, with the knowledge of Veda—total Natural Law—as the Constitution, for 200,000 Vedic Pandits to live their Vedic way of life and create and maintain a strong, indomitable influence of coherence in world consciousness, so that peace and harmony prevail, and the whole human race lives in perpetual peace in a problem-free world—perpetual peace on Earth.’   —Maharishi
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