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Life in Accord with Natural Law
The benefits of life in accord with natural law will be two-fold:   (1) Problems born of the violation of natural law will not arise. Mistakes, sickness, and suffering will be eliminated at their source. The vicious cycle in which the violation of natural law causes stress, and stress causes further violations of natural law, will be broken. The epidemic of stress, with all of its societal ramifications ó crime, drug abuse, family disintegration, domestic violence, and the decline of moral and social values ó will be alleviated.   (2) More than just the absence of problems, life in accord with natural law brings progress. When we donít violate natural law and create problems that absorb our energy and attention, individually and collectively, then life is freed to move forward in a natural, progressive, unrestricted, evolutionary flow. Such progress is natural to life. We have seen previously that natural law is evolutionary and that the very nature of life is to grow. Human life is no exception: Life is sustained in progress.
Broader Term
Natural Law
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Excellence in Action
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