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Vedic Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation
'For law, justice, and rehabilitation to be scientific it has to be Vedic Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation; and if the study of law, justice, and rehabilitation is not supported by the theories of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc., then law, justice, and rehabilitation cannot be scientific.   To Create a Crime-Free Society   'All theories of modern science uphold all disciplines of Vedic Science, because Vedic Science is fundamental to modern science.   'The means to achieve Vedic Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation is through Vedic Education, Vedic Health Care, and Vedic Administration, which will unfold the potential creativity of Veda—total potential of Law—in the consciousness and physiology of everyone, so that the impulse of Cosmic Law—Total Law—Natural Law (the Will of God) is the impulse of everyone's thought, speech, and action, and the nourishing nature of Law is the guiding light of their own life.   'In this perfection of Vedic Law, everyone's life is spontaneously nourishing to everyone else's life, and society as a whole is problem-free.'   — Maharishi, Ideal India—the Lighthouse of Peace on Earth (536-page publication)
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Vedic Law
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Crime-Free Society
Maharishi Vedic Approach to Rehabilitation
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Transcendental Meditation® and Offender Rehabilitation
Scientific Research  
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