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Qualities of Creative Intelligence
50 Qualities of Creative Intelligence: Progressive and Evolutionary: The growth of life towards more and more. Purposeful and Intelligent: One-pointed growth towards the goal. Orderly and Beautiful: Living in rhythm with Natural Law. Precise and Truthful: Refinement of thought, perception and action. Dynamic and Restful: Surging ahead in the waves of fulfillment. Stable and Adaptable: Anchored to the depths of life while playing in the waves of change. Gentle and Strong: Tender expressions of strength. Efficient and Kind: Minimum energy for maximum good. Independent and Helpful: Gaining freedom to help others. Vigilant and Resourceful: Applying inner wealth through increasing alertness. Harmonizing and Diversifying: Blending the differences. Enjoyable and Lively: Unfolding waves of joyfulness. Insightful and Foresightful: Farseeing visions of truth in the practicalities of daily life. Thoughtful and Spontaneous: Naturally considerate of the rights of others. Integrative and Discriminative: Synthesizing parts for completeness of living. Decisive and Sweet: Favoring what is agreeable and useful. Universal and Specific: Being at home with everything. Expansive and Courageous: Boldly extending boundaries to embrace unboundedness.. Generous and Economical: Sharing abundance while maintaining balance. Loving and Just: Binding together delicate impulses of life. Clean and Purifying: Reflecting the fullness of life. Liberating and Responsive: Living unboundedness in the field of reliability.? Creative and Traditional: Ever new expressions on old foundations. Practical and Successful: Applying fullness for success in life. Holistic and Fulfilling: Enjoying wholeness of life.   --From Maharishi's Science of Creative Intelligence for Secondary Education, Maharishi International University Press, 1975.
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