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Unified Field-Based Administration
Totality is all there is   ‘Totality is all, Brahm is all that there is. And then there is no duality, and then whatever appears to be, is just an appearance. It is Vivartvad—that it appears to be, but it is not there, like the snake and the string. It appears to be snake, but the snake is not there; it appears to be duality, but duality is not there. Duality is not there. What is there is only unity, and unity without duality—purely unity. And that is unity between the administration, administrator, and the administered.   ‘This is the science of administration, which the Unified Field, Brahm, is observing or is initiating or is working with. So, there is something, and there is not something. There is something; there is unity, Brahm. “Sarvam Khalv Idam Brahm"—all this is Brahm. All this is unity, only unity. And to emphasize this unity is everything, that which is everything also has nothing in it. It is so totally everything that it has nothing also in it.' —Maharishi, Global Conference on Unified Field-Based Administration, June 26 2007
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