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Cultural Integrity
Culture plays a special role in the blossoming of life and in upholding peace, progress and prosperity in society. It can even contribute to the creation of national invincibility. This is because culture, including language, dress, diet, customs and traditions, is the expression of the underlying intelligence of Nature that promotes growth and peace in a particular area.   Culture helps a person live in accord with Natural Law and avoid negative consequences that arise when Natural Law is violated. When collective consciousness is coherent, then Natural Law is fully lively and the nation enjoys invincibility as a by product. Even a few people practicing Consciousness-Based programs can provide the basis for all positivity in the community or nation.   CULTURE: When the collective consciousness of any nation is coherent, which means that individuals are living life in accord with Natural Law and national law, then every individual will naturally uphold his own cherished cultural traditions while embracing all that enriches national life and promotes progress. Impervious to any negative influences from within or without, peaceful coexistence with all other nations is the natural result.   -- See
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