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God Consciousness
'When the fifth state of consciousness [Cosmic Consciousness] has been established, when the unbounded awareness is established on the level of the conscious mind, then the perception naturally starts to go deeper. The perception becomes refined, and refined, and refined. A distinct different value of perception will be that which is capable of spontaneously perceiving the finest relative on the surface of the gross relative .... 'The unbounded awareness is a constant feature of our conscious mind, and when the perception is most refined, capable of cognition of the finest relative value everywhere, then it's a different characteristic, and that has a different name—sixth state of consciousness.'—Maharishi 'Philosophers call this a mystical experience, but it is no more mysterious than is the working of a clock for a child. On one level of consciousness it is normal, on another it is mysterious, and again on another it is impossible. 'The intensity of God-realization in its personal and its impersonal aspects depends upon the level of Being, or the purity of consciousness. 'It is not possible to conceive of God-Consciousness through any state of consciousness that is not God-Consciousness itself; but it is possible for everyone, at any level of human consciousness, to rise to the realization of God-Consciousness through the practice of Transcendental Meditation, which is a simple and direct way of developing pure consciousness.'—Maharishi,
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7 States of Consciousness
Higher States of Consciousness
States of Consciousness
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God Realization
Refined Cosmic Consciousness
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