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Global Union of Scientists for Peace
The Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP) was founded in July 2005 in response to the failure of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference held in New York that year.   The Institute (ISTPP) staff continue to play significant roles in the Global Union of Scientists for Peace. The mission of the Global Union is:   to stop the growing threat of nuclear proliferation and nuclear war; to resist the global rise of other weapons of mass destruction; and to promote the adoption of safe, scientifically proven technologies for national security and global peace.   Dr. John Hagelin, the founder and international director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, is a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace. Under his leadership, the Global Union is bringing together scientists from around the world who have been promoting peace, nuclear disarmament, and nonviolent conflict resolution.   The Global Union invites scientists in every country to contribute their ideas, initiatives, and expertise in order to promote national and international peace (see nominations). The Global Union especially supports scientifically field-tested approaches to peace that can be easily implemented to create the effect of peace immediately. —
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