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Maharishi Vedic Pandits
VEDIC PANDITS AT THE BRAHMASTHAN OF INDIA At the core of the ancient Vedic wisdom for creating peace are the peacekeepers themselves – the Vedic Pandits. To ensure their effectiveness, Maharishi recognized the necessity of restoring their training to its original purity and completeness. This short video narrated by Dr. Harris Kaplan presents an intimate picture of the training and dedication of these quiet peacekeepers.   -- See   “VEDIC PERFORMANCES are creating the activity through the Vedic sounds which are the soundsof the transcendental field of self-referral consciousness. Transcendental field of self-referral consciousness is the unbounded, eternal basis of all creation. All activity of creation emerges from that. Vedic performances being the performances from the basis of all life, they influence all life. Just like the gardener waters the root, it supplies nourishment to the whole tree from within. The Vedic performances, being the performances from the most basic field of intelligence, they influence all levels of intelligence in creation.”   — Maharishi,
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Vedic Pandits
Broader Term
Maharishi's Achievements
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National Maharishi Yagyas
Special Yagyas
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Brahmananda Saraswati Trust
Brahmasthan of India
Peace Creating Groups
Vedic Recitations
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