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Maharishi Yagya® Types
Four kinds of Maharishi Yagyas are available:   (1) Graha Shanti for Life in Accord with Natural Law Graha Shanti are Maharishi Yagyas to bring life in tune with the cycles of Nature responsible for delivering the results of one’s past actions. They promote good fortune and neutralize any negativity before it can arise.   The word Shanti means peace or harmony and Graha is roughly translated as planets, but actually can be understood as the forces of Nature that influence our progress in all areas of life.   (2) Specific Purpose Maharishi Yagyas In addition to Graha Shanti Maharishi Yagyas to protect us from any unfavorable influences, there are also Specific Purpose Maharishi Yagyas to enhance and nourish specific aspects of life to accomplish the fulfillment of our desires.   Specific Purpose Maharishi Yagyas can bring support of Nature to any specific area of life including: health, peace of mind, harmonious family relationships, increased wealth, business success, and spiritual progress.   However, these Maharishi Yagyas for specific purposes are more effective if one first takes care of the planetary influences through Graha Shanti. So Graha Shanti Maharishi Yagyas are fundamental; they are the most important ones to do first.   (3) Special Occasion Maharishi Yagyas Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and the birth of a child are all highly significant moments in the blossoming of life. Special Occasion Maharishi Yagyas were designed by Maharishi to bring support of Nature to the individual and the family at these times when specific Laws of Nature are particularly lively and accessible.   Through the application of Special Occasion Maharishi Yagyas, we awaken our cosmic potential in preparation for a new cycle of creativity, progress and fulfillment.   Special Occasion Yagyas may be requested for oneself, for family members, or for friends at four different levels, each higher level generating a significantly more powerful effect. These Yagyas may be performed without Graha Shanti Maharishi Yagyas.   (4) National Maharishi Yagyas The National Maharishi Yagya(SM) program is a powerful application of the technology of Maharishi Yagya on a national scale to prevent problems and improve the fortune of an entire nation. National Maharishi Yagyas involve especially large groups of Maharishi Vedic Pandits and continue over many days or even weeks, depending on the size of the desired effect and the magnitude of the problem being averted or defused—for example a natural disaster, violent outbreak, or severe economic downturn.   These Yagyas may be performed without Graha Shanti Yagyas.   -- See
Broader Term
Maharishi Yagyas
Narrower Term
Graha Shanti Maharishi Yagyas
National Maharishi Yagyas
Special Occasion Maharishi Yagyas
Specific Purpose Maharishi Yagyas
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