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Muhurta is the Maharishi Jyotish service that deals with the selection of favorable moments for undertaking a new activity.   For example, a Muhurta may be requested for events such as marriage; scheduling surgery; the start of an important or long journey; the beginning of a new business partnership or venture; starting a new job; buying or selling property or a vehicle; constructing a building; occupying a new home or office building, etc.   The place of the event must be known. “Well begun is half done” is a wise adage. If you are planning an important event, naturally you would like to start at a moment that is in tune with the Laws of Nature, supporting success for that event. —
Used For
Auspicious Starting Time (Muhurta)
Broader Term
Maharishi Jyotish(SM) Program
Maharishi Jyotish(SM) Program Services
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