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Science of Creative Intelligence
(1) The Science of Creative Intelligence® (SCI) was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to connect Vedic approaches to systems thinking and subjective approaches to knowledge with academic, scientific, and objective approaches to knowledge. Like perennial philosophies, SCI offers a unifying perspective of a single field of “creative intelligence” (among other names) that transcends and permeates the world of diverse and distinct entities. Experience and perception of this transcendent and dynamic oneness offers a means for expanding one’s sense of self. Such an expansion of self is understood to be the basis of deep ecology, culminating in the experience of seeing the Self in all beings, and all beings in the Self.   (2) The Science of Creative Intelligence - SCI is the science of consciousness, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The SCI is the systematic study of the field of pure intelligence, the unified field of the Natural Law, and its organizing power in nature.   Creative Intelligence is the impelling life force which expresses itself in the evolutionary process, creating and ordering all forms and relationships in the universe.   At the basis of creative intelligence is its own unmanifest nature, which is pure intelligence, pure existence, pure consciousness, the source and substance of all creation, eternal and non-changing. Its unmanifest nature as consciousness is present in all its manifestations. Therefore, no manifestation is foreign to consciousness; the whole range of creative intelligence, manifest and unmanifest, is open to direct experience.   Human Consciousness can realize the truth of every aspect of creation in terms of itself and naturally become capable of accomplishing anything - capable of enjoying the full range of creative intelligence in its infinite potential.   The purpose of the Science of Creative Intelligence is to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary and sufficient to culture human consciousness to enjoy the full potential of creative intelligence and to live a life of eternal freedom, playing in the field of all possibilities. —See   “The main theme of SCI is that there exists a source from which Creative Intelligence springs and a goal toward which it progresses as the process of evolution unfolds. This source and this goal are identical and can be identified as the innermost area of one’s life, as the source of the thinking process: the self-referral consciousness of everyone, the field of pure Creative Intelligence.” —Maharishi (See
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Creative Intelligence
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16 Principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence
Qualities of Creative Intelligence
TM-Sidhi® Program
Transcendental Meditation® Program
Transcendental Meditation® Technique
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Pure Consciousness
Pure Creative Intelligence
Self-Referral Consciousness
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