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The 9 Grahas, roughly translated as planets, are more than simply planets hanging in space. They are part of the administration of Natural Law, which governs the whole universe.   Abbrev.—Transliteration—English name 1. Sy—Surya—Sun 2. Ch—Chandra—Moon 3. Ma—Mangal—Mars 4. Bu—Budha—Mercury 5. Gu—Guru—Jupiter 6. Sk—Shukra—Venus 7. Sa—Shani—Saturn 8. Ra—Rahu—Ascending lunar node 9. Ke—Ketu—Descending lunar node
Broader Term
Maharishi Jyotish(SM) Principles
Maharishi Jyotish(SM) Program
Narrower Term
Budha (Mercury)
Chandra (Moon)
Guru (Jupiter)
Ketu (Descending lunar node)
Mangul (Mars)
Rahu (Ascending lunar node)
Shani (Saturn)
Sukra (Venus)
Surya (Sun)
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