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TM-Sidhi® Programme
THE TM-SIDHI PROGRAM & YOGIC FLYING   The Transcendental Meditation Sidhi® (TM-Sidhi) program is a simple, natural, effortless set of procedures that accelerate the personal growth gained from the Transcendental Meditation® technique. The TM-Sidhi program is designed to accelerate the growth of creativity, learning ability, physical health, and psychological well-being that TM technique practitioners report.   WHAT IS YOGIC FLYING?   One of the TM-Sidhi procedures is called Yogic Flying, which leads to the body lifting in short hops from the ground. Students describe the experience of this technique as one of happiness, energy, bliss, and inner freedom, with these qualities carrying over into their daily life. EEG measurements show that during the practice of Yogic Flying there is a marked increase in brain wave coherence that coincides with the body lifting up.   HOW DOES IT AFFECT SOCIETY?   When people practice the TM-Sidhi program in groups, they create a powerful effect of harmony and coherence that radiates into the surrounding society. Scientific studies have found that such groups have reduced crime rates, accident rates, and sickness rates. When open warfare is present, such groups have even reduced fighting and war deaths. Scientists have termed this phenomenon the Maharishi Effect.   -- See   The TM-Sidhi Program   The basic Transcendental Meditation technique opens the mind to Transcendental Consciousness—the most fundamental level of human awareness—allowing the direct experience of the unified field of all the laws of nature.   The advanced TM-Sidhi program cultures the ability to think and act from this most basic and powerful level. By learning to function from the state of Transcendental Consciousness, the mind gains increasing support from the organizing intelligence of nature. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains that the TM-Sidhi program, by promoting this inner experience, allows thought and action to spontaneously become more in accord with the evolutionary power of natural law.   Practice of the TM-Sidhi program thus accelerates the progress of individuals toward the realization of their full potential—the state of enlightenment. In addition, Maharishi indicates, the TM-Sidhi program results in greater skill in action—the ability to fulfill one's own desires while simultaneously promoting the evolution of everyone in the environment.   --
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TM-Sidhi® Program
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