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Yogic Flying
One of the TM-Sidhi procedures is called Yogic Flying, which leads to the body lifting in short hops from the ground. Students describe the experience of this technique as one of happiness, energy, bliss, and inner freedom, with these qualities carrying over into their daily life. EEG measurements show that during the practice of Yogic Flying there is a marked increase in brain wave coherence that coincides with the body lifting up.   ‘Collective consciousness is the basis of what government does. And therefore let them [governments] do what they do. But create some groups [practising Yogic Flying], and they will create a better .collective consciousness, and that will create a better government.’   — Maharishi, 24 July 2002, MERU, Holland, Global Press Conference   --- The Complete Book of Yogic Flying   By Craig Pearson Hardcover, full-color, 684 pages Dr. Craig Pearson's highly anticipated book tells the complete story of Yogic Flying - what it is, how it works, what Yogic Flyers experience. It describes how Yogic Flying develops total brain functioning and higher states of consciousness and how it promotes health, success, and fulfillment.   It presents the inside stories and the scientific research on the many Yogic Flying assemblies over the past 30 years that helped end the Cold War, create coherence and harmony all over the globe, and bring the world to the threshold of peace. And it shows how flying through the air is a natural human ability that has been documented in traditions worldwide.   100% of the profits from this book are donated to support the creation of world peace through Yogic Flying groups.   -- See
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