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Unified Field of Natural Law
'The discovery of one unified field of all the laws of nature. Even thousands of years ago the Vedic tradition clearly indicated that all of manifest creation emerges from a common source—from a single, unified field of pure intelligence. As the ocean is the basis of all its diverse waves, so one nonmaterial, transcendental, and unified field of intelligence (or consciousness) is said to underlie all the diversity in the physical universe.   'In recent decades, quantum physics has revealed that, in fact, such a nonmaterial, transcendental and unified field does exist at the basis of the natural world. In the latest superstring theories, all the superficially distinct force and particle fields of nature find their common source in a single superstring field—one unified field of all the laws of nature. Like the ocean that gives rise to all waves, this unified field spontaneously gives rise to all the forces and sub-atomic particles—all the basic building blocks that structure our universe.   It is significant, from the standpoint of peace creation, that this unified field discovered by quantum theorists can be understood as a physical field of peace. It is a field of silence more basic than (transcendental to) the constant activity at every more superficial level nature’s functioning. Moreover, as the source of all the laws of nature, this fundamental unified field can be seen as the most basic level of the organizing intelligence of nature.   -- John Hagelin, PhD.
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