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In a deeply troubled world, the peace-creating effects of Transcendental Consciousness seem even more significant. When a large group of experts experience Transcendental Consciousness all together—enjoying the profound peace of the unified field—this powerful influence of peace radiates into the entire society. Fifty demonstration projects and 23 published studies have identified this radiating influence of peace, as measured by reduced crime, accidents, warfare, and terrorism.   One conclusion from this research is that even a relative handful of peace-creating experts, as they become fully attuned to the unified field of natural law, can create an indomitable influence of unity and coherence in the collective consciousness of any nation. This internal coherence resists invasion from external enemies.   A second conclusion from this research is that, if the peace-creating group is large enough, stress and negativity can be dissolved all around the world. Rather than simply creating a shield that keeps enemies out, such a large group actually prevents the emergence of an enemy. This allows true defense for any nation—by defusing the acute political, religious and ethnic tensions that fuel terrorism and war. —See   'In summary, the Global Country of World Peace represents a new paradigm for perpetual peace that every wise leader and concerned citizen can now adopt with confidence for a new era of affluence and harmony in the family of nations.' —
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Brain-Based Approach to Peace
Global Union of Scientists for Peace
Invincible Peace Colony
Maharishi Capital of World Peace
Maharishi Island of World Peace
Maharishi Peace Governments
Maharishi Peace Palaces
The Science of Peace
World Peace Assemblies
World Peace Project
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World Peace
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