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Vedic Music
'Gandharva music is universal. It is at home with every land, with every man, with every society. It is the language of bliss, the science and art of bliss, the song of Nature. . . . Gandharva Veda music is that style of melody which matches with the swings of Nature that control the passage of evolution in waves of bliss, sung spontaneously on all levels of creation, from the most minute, to the huge enormous, ever-expanding universe.' —Maharishi ( )   Gandharva-Ved music is a precious discipline of Vedic Science, the complete science of life. It sends forth those powerful melodies and rhythms of nature to purify the atmosphere, thereby neutralizing negative trends and tendencies in the environment and promoting the orderly evolution of life.   “Through their daily performance around the world of the eternal music of nature, the Gandarvans of India — the land of the Ved –are creating harmony in world consciousness and thereby perpetuating world peace and bringing the descent of Heaven on Earth.” – Maharishi,
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Gandharva Veda
Maharishi's Festival of Music for World Peace
Maharishi Gandharva Veda
Vedic Melodies
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