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Graha Shanti
Graha Shanti are Maharishi Yagya performances to bring life in tune with the cycles of Nature responsible for delivering the results of one’s past actions. They promote good fortune and neutralize any negativity before it can arise.   The word Shanti means peace or harmony and Graha, is roughly translated as planets, but actually can be understood as the forces of Nature that influence our progress in all areas of life. Graha also can mean “that which grasps or seizes" and modern science has shown that the Grahas are correlated with core components of our brain, cells and even our DNA, which structure our experience of life. In this way, we can understand how Grahas can color our feelings, thinking and activity in a positive or negative manner.   Avert the danger that has not yet come. We all know that the best protection is prevention. A Graha Shanti Maharishi Yagya helps to release the grip of the Grahas, freeing us for greater success. —
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Maharishi Yagya® Program
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Vedic Engineering
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