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Vedic Psychiatry
Dr. Robert Schneider presents a total approach to mental health based on ancient principles of Maharishi AyurVeda(SM) that takes into account the four domains of mind, body, environment, and consciousness.   Dr. Schneider says that Vedic psychiatry includes dealing with physiological influences on mental health through Maharishi AyurVeda and environmental influences on mental health through Maharishi Vastu®, Maharishi Jyotish(SM), and Maharishi Yagya® performances.   Vedic psychiatry simultaneously elaborates on the mind approach in unique ways. There are three levels of direct mental health intervention, going from relative to absolute. These are:   1) supportive and behavioral therapy that operate on the emotional, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral level; 2) deeper spiritual knowledge (gyan and vigyan) that fulfill more profound needs for understanding the meaning of life; and 3) transcending and memory (samadhi and smriti).   Then Vedic psychiatry also provides deeper, spiritual knowledge to the individual, broaching topics such as how the world works and the meaning of life, with examples from the counseling sessions reported in the Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana.   Finally, Vedic psychiatry restores memory of one’s perfectly healthy self through transcending via the Transcendental Meditation technique.   -- Robert Schneider, MD (See )
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Vedic Health Care
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Total Mental Health
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