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Maharishi Vastu® Architecture
Maharishi Vastu is that knowledge how to design Fortune-Creating® homes, cities, and nations from the level of the Cosmic architecture, the eternal design of the universe in accordance with the structuring dynamics of the field of Total Knowledge.   -- See
Broader Term
Transcendental Meditation® Advanced Programs
Vedic Architecture
Narrower Term
Maharishi Vastu® Architecture Principles
Orientation of Buildings
Shape of the Land
Special Elements of Maharishi Vastu® Buildings
Unobstructed Rising Sun
Vastu Communities
Vastu Fence
Related Term
Fortune-Creating® Architecture
Invincible Peace Colony
Maharishi Sthapatya Veda® Program
Maharishi Vastu Alliance (MVA)
Maharishi Vedic® Architecture
Meisner Effect
Sthapatya Veda
Vedic City Planning
Scientific Research  
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