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Transcendental Consciousness
"The Transcendental Meditation technique is an effortless procedure for allowing the excitations of the mind gradually to settle down until the least excited state of mind is reached. "This is a state of inner wakefulness with no object of thought or perception, just pure consciousness aware of its own unbounded nature. It is wholeness, aware of itself, devoid of differences, beyond the division of subject and object - transcendental consciousness. "It is a field of all possibilities, where all creative potentialities exist together, infinitely correlated but as yet unexpressed. It is a state of perfect order, the matrix from which all the laws of nature emerge, the source of creative intelligence."—Maharishi
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Broader Term
7 States of Consciousness
Higher States of Consciousness
States of Consciousness
Related Term
Pure Consciousness
Pure Creative Intelligence
Restful Alertness
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