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Maharishi Yagyas
Enhance Good Fortune and Avert Problems Once a Maharishi Jyotish consultation has identified any upcoming periods of concern, Maharishi Yagya performances can be recommended to support good fortune or neutralize problems or obstacles.   Yagya is a timeless Vedic technology for the prevention of problems and the promotion of success and good fortune.   Yagya involves the application of specific prescribed Vedic sounds recited from a fine level of awareness by trained Vedic experts in order to achieve a specific effect: for example, to defuse impending dangers, to promote health and financial success—or even, if there is group of Pandits large enough, to promote world peace.   -- See
Broader Term
Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health(SM)
Narrower Term
Graha Shanti Maharishi Yagyas
Maharishi Yagya® Types
Special Occasion Maharishi Yagyas
Special Yagyas
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Vedic Engineering
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