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Maharishi Jyotish(SM) Program
The Maharishi Jyotish program is one of the 40 precious disciplines of Maharishi Vedic Science. As a science, the Maharishi Jyotish program is a highly mathematical approach which contains the knowledge of the cycles of time which bring about all transformations, and explains how the Laws of Nature are responsible for all changes and developments experienced in life, for example: the manner in which life unfolds sequentially through the steps of evolution from the moment of birth.   The Maharishi Jyotish program is that science and technology which can calculate the time when positive or harmful effects of the Grahas will reach an individual, company or nation, etc. This knowledge allows one to map the whole field of one’s future so that one can take timely recourse to remedial measures in order to prevent any misfortunes in life, and to enhance any positive influence.
Broader Term
Jyotish Programme
Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health(SM)
Maharishi Vedic Astrology
Narrower Term
Budha (Mercury)
Chandra (Moon)
Guru (Jupiter)
Jyotish Consultation Service
Ketu (Descending lunar node)
Maharishi Jyotish(SM) Principles
Maharishi Jyotish(SM) Program Services
Mangul (Mars)
Rahu (Ascending lunar node)
Shani (Saturn)
Sukra (Venus)
Surya (Sun)
Related Term
Jyotish-Mati Pragya
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