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Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Certification
Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute offers three different certification options:   (1) a USDA National Organic Program organic certification program for use of the word "organic" in the USA;   (2) the MVOAI International Certification Program for use of the word "organic" in Japan, the EU or other international locations, and   (3) an additional, optional Maharishi Vedic certification program for clients who wish to meet the additional label requirements of the MVOAI Vedic Agriculture Program. The Maharishi Vedic program uses the ancient Vedic agricultural technologies recently revived by Maharishi to produce food of extraordinary purity and vitality, in which all the Laws of Nature have been enlivened.     All of the Institute’s certification programs also operate in compliance with the internationally accepted ISO Rule 65 governing the management and operation of certification agencies.   MVOAI offers an efficient 7 STEP program for gaining USDA organic, International, or Vedic certification. At MVOAI we consider it part of our responsibility to help you to understand and proceed comfortably through the steps of certification.   Although certification, by law, involves extensive documentation to protect the integrity and quality of the certification process, we have made every effort to make the process comfortable and manageable, and to provide a program and quality guarantee that allows us to be sure that the organic or Vedic quality is met and maintained from farm to market.   -- See
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Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture
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Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Certification Programs Standards
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