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The area of Vedic literature which deals with experience of the Ved is the six Upangas, which are associated with systems of gaining knowledge (Maharishi Vedic University Inauguration, Washington, DC: Age of Enlightenment Press. Maharishi Vedic University, 1985, pp. 116-117). In the fourth Upanga, the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, the experience of pure consciousness as silent is described as kaivalya.   The Yoga Sutras also describe the TM-Sidhi program (Maharishi's TM-Sidhi program: Participating in the infinite creativity of nature to enliven the totality of the cosmic psyche in all aspects of life. Modern Science and Vedic Science, 2, 373-412 1989). The fifth Upanga, Karma Mimansa, corresponds to a further refinement of experience in which pure consciousness is found to be a field of great internal dynamism the Ved.   The final Upanga is Vedanta, which expresses the reality of fully developed unity consciousness, in which the silence and dynamism of pure consciousness are experienced as one wholeness, Brahman. Taken together, the Upangas provide means for developing complete knowledge through the complete development of the knower.   -- See
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Vedic Literature
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Karma Mimamsa
Karma Mimansa
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Six Systems of Indian Philosophy
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