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Gandharva Veda
The Eternal Music of Nature   'The melodies of Gandharva Veda are with reference to the divisions of time during the day, based on the movements of the Sun. Gandharva Veda is the music of Nature, which inspires and promotes evolution. Gandharva Veda produces the influence of harmony in one's environment, which creates an harmonious influence in the field of consciousness, purifying and nourishing the environmental trends.'   — Maharishi, Maharishi Gandharva-Ved: Creating Balance in Nature and Harmony in World Consciousness (203-page publication)'   'Gandharva Veda resonates with the Laws of Nature that promote evolutionary trends in life. It neutralizes stress everywhere—inside and outside.'   — Maharishi, 23 May 2004   'What is Gandharva Veda? It is an eternal music of Nature. Music is coherent frequencies—some different, some the same, many values of frequency or sound—and coherence in sound makes a melody. The whole universe, all the infinite number of items in the universe, are all different frequencies or sounds, and there is a swing of bliss everywhere in Nature.   'Think of the earth moving around the sun or the many galaxies and stars all moving, but always with the same motion. It must be a very great satisfaction for the nature of the earth and of the entire starry world just to follow a particular path and never deviate. One would follow that pattern only if it is blissful. The element of bliss, of more and more, must be Nature's activity.   'It must belong to Nature's habit to move in waves of bliss. The eternal harmony of Nature must be a pattern of bliss—the whole of Nature always swinging in the waves of bliss. This comes as the passage of evolution, which means more and more and more—more knowledge, more happiness, more progress.   'Gandharva music is the eternal music of Nature, the melody of Nature eternally the same, going on and on and on in swings of bliss everywhere. Gandharva music is that powerful swing of Nature—those rhythms which are being maintained at all times. Due to the maintenance of all those rhythms the infinite variety of creation is very well coordinated by Natural Law.'   -- Maharishi
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Vedic Literature
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Harmony in World Consciousness
Maharishi's Festival of Music for World Peace
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Balance in Nature
Eternal Music of Nature
Maharishi Gandharva Veda
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